AIRROC Arbitrator List Now Available for Full Industry Use

"A" Stands For.....AIRROC and Access and Arbitrators!

AIRROC has been busy working on some updates to our streamlined Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP).....
And we have some big changes to announce!


1.  AIRROC's list of arbitrators is now available to the public -- instead of just to AIRROC members.

The AIRROC list features nearly 60 experienced professionals which parties can use as a selection method for resolving their disputes.*  

View the entire list, access individual profiles, or search for an arbitrator based on parameters such as location, experience, expertise, and more. 


2.  AIRROC has also a new tool for industry use: the AIRROC Mediation Procedure.

Like the AIRROC arbitration procedure the new mediation version includes easy to use initiation forms, AIRROC approved mediators at $150 per hour, and confidential discussions.  The format is flexible so that if the parties prefer they can agree to use only the parts of the procedure that they choose. 

Check out AIRROC's Dispute Resolution Procedure Home Page for our DRP headquarters --  including the most recent version of the DRP, the Mediation Procedure, accompanying forms, links to the arbitrator lists and more! 

*Individuals on AIRROC's list agree to a lower fee ONLY when contracted to act as an umpire or a mediator under an AIRROC DRP Proceeding.  Should parties opt to use AIRROC's list as a selection method in a traditional arbitration any fee arrangements are strictly between the parties involved.