Executive Committees

AIRROC's committees are the core volunteers from the member companies that perform much the work to support the functions and goals of the organization.  Committees are led by AIRROC Directors -- the current committees, their leadership and their purposes are below. 

MEMBERS:  Want to get involved on a committee?  Contact Carolyn Fahey ([email protected]) today to learn how! 

Education Committee

Purpose: The Education Committee is responsible for planning AIRROC's education sessions, workshops, and regional events.  They also assist with outreach to other industry organizations to identify collaboration opportunities.  They work with the committee members and the Executive Director to identify topics and speakers that are timely and relevant to AIRROC members.

Marketing and Member Recruitment Committee
Purpose: Membership growth, industry awareness, marketing of AIRROC meetings/events and AIRROC website advertising. Identify companies that would benefit from AIRROC membership and lead outreach to these potential new members.
October Event Committee
Purpose: Handle all aspects of AIRROC NJ -- our annual Commutations and Networking Forum 
Publication Committee

Purpose: Produce AIRROC Matters magazine, determine timely reporting topics & solicit applicable articles or papers, liaise with other related publications.

Member Services/DRP (Dispute Resolution Procedure) Committee

Purpose: Identify and plan AIRROC initiatives that provide solutions to AIRROC's members as well as the industry.  Examples include AIRROC's DRP, arbitrator list, outreach to the industry about the benefits of membership in AIRROC, and working with the other existing committees on special projects as needed. 

Finance Committee
Purpose: The Finance Committee, in conjunction with AIRROC's accountant and Executive Director, is responsible for budget preparation and review, ensuring that the budget is accurate by tracking and monitoring the funds taken in and distributed. This committee also ensures adequate financial controls by overseeing all financial matters of the organization.