New in 2018! 
AIRROC Webinar Series :: Learning About Legacy

AIRROC is pleased to announce a new set of training programs targeted to those that want to learn more about runoff and legacy.  The topics below are currently under development. 

There is no cost to members and partners to attend and others can attend for only $70 per site.

More details will be forthcoming.  Check back frequently for updates!

Initial Topics Planned Include:

Overview of the run-off industry

  • How is 'run-off' defined?
  • How did the run-off industry we see today come to exist?
  • Details of major industry events.
  • What are the basics of insolvencies, liquidations and schemes?
  • What is the regulatory landscape? 


  • Andrew Maneval, Chesham Consulting, LLC
  • Kathy Barker, KB Consulting
  • Jonathan Bank, Locke Lord LLP
  • Al Bottalico, Locke Lord LLP

Introduction to long tail risk types and claim emergence; The role of the actuary

  • Overview of actuarial function
  • Reserving methodologies
  • Challenges


  • Jim Kleinberg, Genpact
  • Sandra Santomenno, Willis Towers
  • Jay Votta, EY
  • Marianne Petillo, ROM Re

 Overview of litigation/ arbitration issues and resolution methods


  • Teresa Snider, Butler Rubin
  • Ed Diffin, Freeborn & Peters
  • Sean Keeley, Freeborn & Peters