We’re Back!  

Welcome to the second AIRROC Annual featuring the highlights of 2022. We are excited to unveil this year in review publication, which reports on our 2022 accomplishments and showcases original content.  We have also curated some of the most interesting and impactful presentations and partner articles of the past year. 

This year’s theme, “Out of the Woods?” is referenced in multiple ways throughout the issue. Our title is inquisitive, rather than declarative. We have all weathered a dense forest of uncertainty and a global pandemic that has proven to be one of the most challenging events in recent history.  We now forge on with hope and optimism, prepared to tackle what lay ahead. We can feel and see the sunbeams through the trees to a bright future for legacy.   

We are so pleased to share the AIRROC Annual 2022 with you and hope that you enjoy this special edition