Blue Skies Ahead!  

Welcome to the AIRROC Annual 2023 featuring the highlights of the past year. We are thrilled to share this year in review publication, which showcases our 2023 accomplishments, recaps the October flagship event, including the presentation of our first NextGen Leadership award, our Person of the Year, and our scholarship winner.   Within these pages you will also find a 4-page color photo montage of special moments captured during the October event, as well as original articles on the legacy market, negotiation tips and insights into how we accomplish what we do at AIRROC.  

The energy and enthusiasm felt at the October event helped us choose the theme for this issue:  “Gaining Altitude.” With much of the uncertainty of the past few years behind us, our organization has truly risen to new heights. We are spreading our wings and gaining altitude - always stronger and better! We can see the blue skies ahead, the wind at our back and a bright future for legacy.   

We are so excited to share the AIRROC Annual 2023 with you and hope that you enjoy this special edition!