AIRROC Trish Getty Scholarship

AIRROC’s annual scholarship, presented in conjunction with AIRROC’s NextGen Task Force, was established in honor of AIRROC’s founding Executive Director, Trish Getty. AIRROC is the only non-profit association representing the US legacy insurance sector. The full amount awarded is $5,000.  A selection committee will review all applications.

Scholarship Qualifications

The ideal applicant should meet the following criteria. The below are guiding criteria and will not be the sole determinant in the selection process.

●      Course of study and/or professional focus in Risk and Insurance
        ●      Student has shown significant commitment to this area of practice and likely intends to pursue it as a profession

●      Need based - student has a financial need to cover costs for an educational institution (e.g. you do not qualify if you have a full ride scholarship)

●      Submission of an essay – details outlined below

●      Attendance at the AIRROC Annual Forum in Jersey City, NJ on October 16th or 17th to accept the scholarship award. Considerations (e.g., travel stipend, virtual attendance, etc.) will be given if attendance creates a hardship or is logistically challenging.

Additional opportunities:

●      Participation in AIRROC NextGen podcast to “tell your story” as the scholarship recipient for 2022

Scholarship Application Process

The student should provide the following for consideration:

  1. Essay
    1. Why did you decide to study insurance/risk management?
    2. What you desire in a career and how do you see this fitting into the insurance and risk management industry?
    3. Have you had experiences working in an insurance environment that have been particularly impactful?
    4. Free form - remember, this is an insurance-related scholarship. If you can spin this core theme into a personal narrative, have at it!
  2. Resume
  3. Be sure to submit your application HERE on or before September 19, 2022

Please submit this information and/or any questions to Carolyn Fahey at [email protected].

The winner will be notified in September.