AIRROC DRP Video for CLP Applicants

All seekers of AIRROC's Certified Legacy Professional Designation (CLP) are required to attend a Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP) event or session run and/or approved by AIRROC. 

For more information on the CLP designation and to apply, please visit the CLP Main Page. You must apply first in order to take and receive credit for the DRP exams.

Once your application is approved begin by selecting each video in order and submitting the corresponding exam listed below. Exam results are emailed directly to the AIRROC CLP Coordinators for review and grade. You will receive an email if your exam score does not meet the threshold to pass. You can check your AIRROC profile at any time for status updates and to review application items that are missing.
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Video Part 1Exam
Video Part 2Exam
Video Part 3Exam
Video Part 4Exam
Video Part 5Exam