Why Join AIRROC?  

Leveraging Legacy Liabilities

Leg·a·cy [leg-uh-see].  Noun.  Anything handed down from the past, as from a predecessor or ancestor.

Become an AIRROC Member and contribute to an organization with a legacy of success.

Who are we?   AIRROC is the ONLY US organization of insurance and reinsurance companies that have legacy business in their portfolio. Established in December 2004, AIRROC's membership includes companies with discontinued lines of business that are in voluntary run-off, and those under a regulatory order or in receivership, all of who have common issues and concerns.   AIRROC’s primary objective is to address these business issues and common interests.


AIRROC’s Value Proposition: How Will My Company Benefit from Membership?

Connections. Meetings. Networking

Meet face-to-face with parties managing live and discontinued business – insurers, reinsurers, regulators, run-off practitioners, and industry groups.  Work toward claims finality and resolve disputes.  Serve on association committees focused on initiatives important to the constituents and expand your profile in the industry.

Business. Get The Job Done.

Establish new partnerships or build on existing relationships during scheduled networking times at every AIRROC meeting.  Pre-meeting access to names and contact information of attendees.  Agree upon when and who to meet with and come prepared. 

Education. Current Topics.  For Free.  

AIRROC members pay no registration fee to AIRROC Membership Meetings (2 yearly), Regional Meetings (3 to 4 yearly), and DRP Workshops (2 yearly).  Non-members pay $349 per attendee. Gain understanding of industry issues from top-notch faculty and experts.

Benefits of Membership

  • Voice in addressing and gaining understanding of the run-off, insurance, and reinsurance industries' issues and concerns through AIRROC meetings, conferences, seminars, and publications;
  • Forum to meet and network with parties managing live and discontinued books of business, including regulators, solvent run-off practitioners, major industry groups, and companies working towards claims finality and closure;
  • Establish or grow business relationships with other parties during AIRROC meetings which have dedicated scheduled networking time built into the program to foster meaningful discussions;
  • In person and hybrid meeting ,which provide valuable education sessions on the latest ideas or issues presented by top experts in the industry;
  • AIRROC Update E-Newsletter with articles submitted by well respected industry leaders;
  • Access to AIRROC's Dispute Resolution Procedure which will help member companies in finding cost efficient opportunities to resolve disputes;
  • AIRROC On-Demand platform with 24-7 access to our growing library of highly rated education sessions -- all recorded live from AIRROC events and webinars;
  • Creation of active, focused committees to address industry issues (visit www.airroc.org for further information on the committee objectives);
  • Cutting edge website allows members to access AIRROC information including bylaws, meeting and event schedules, meeting agendas and registration, educational materials, and other information;

At AIRROC, members' differences are checked at the door. Our approach is to roll up our sleeves and work with industry peers to research, identify and define solutions to common problems. Most often, in the insurance/reinsurance industry, solutions are found through the establishment of meaningful communications and commercial relationships. AIRROC helps this process happen more quickly and effectively.

If you are not a Member, we encourage you to become one and start to enjoy the many benefits of this fast growing organization. All inquiries can be addressed to www.airroc.org.