AIRROC CLP Application Page


1. Complete, submit, and have application approved by CLP committee (there is a $50 application filing fee for individuals that are not employed by an AIRROC member company).  

2.  Professional recommendation from an individual who is employed by an AIRROC member company

3.  At least 2 years of experience in insurance legacy sector positions by the time of completion of CLP designation.

4.  Attendance at 3 AIRROC events (or other approved industry events).

5. Completion of AIRROC ADR online module.

6.  Complete a combination of 3 readings and 2 videos (and accompanying assessments) from the AIRROC library.

7.  Complete two courses:
o    Two Insurance Institute courses (course number and title should be submitted as part of the application)
o    Two courses requirement satisfied for individuals with a CPCU, ARe, ACAS or FCAS designations or a bachelor’s degree in risk management.
o    One course satisfied for candidates with an MBA, CPA, JD or other CLP committee approved degree or course work.
o    One course satisfied with the completion of 25 readings/On Demand videos from
o    One course satisfied with 15+ years of legacy experience.

8. Obtain tracked requirements completion approval from CLP committee. 


AIRROC's CLP Designation is supported by a committee of AIRROC members who are responsible for working with AIRROC’s Executive Director to operationalize program requirements and parameters, review applications, create the questions from the AIRROC Update content, track applicant progress, and assist with ideas for outreach to generate interest. 

For more information, please contact AIRROC Executive Director, Carolyn Fahey via email at [email protected].