AIRROC CLP Application Page


1. Complete, submit, and have application approved by CLP committee (there is a $50 application filing fee for individuals that are not employed by an AIRROC member company).  
2. Professional recommendation from an employee of an AIRROC member company.
3. At least 5 yrs experience in insurance legacy sector positions by the time of CLP designation.
4. Attendance at 3 AIRROC events or other approved industry events.
5. One AIRROC ADR related session mandatory, retro to 2013 programs.
6. Complete study and receive a passing grade on the exam for 2 of the following courses (or the equivalent CPCU or ARe courses) offered by The Institutes:
  • Insurance Operations (CPCU 520 - Textbook & Exam $410)
  • Insurance Regulation (IR 201 – Textbook & Exam $440)
  • Statutory Accounting for Property & Liability Insurance (AIAF 111 – Textbook & Exam $535)
  • Reinsurance Principles and Practices (ARe 144 Textbook & Exam $425)
  • Current Readings in Reinsurance (ARe 145 Online Course $335)

One course may be waived for those possessing an MBA, CPA, JD or other CLP committee approved business or law related advanced degree. OR as a graduate of the RAA ReScholar Certificate Program. 

7. Complete 5 Current Events/Readings from AIRROC Update and get 80% of related questions correct.
8. Obtain tracked requirements completion approval from CLP committee. 


AIRROC's CLP Designation is supported by a committee of AIRROC members who are responsible for working with AIRROC’s Executive Director to operationalize program requirements and parameters, review applications, create the questions from the AIRROC Update content, track applicant progress, and assist with ideas for outreach to generate interest. 

For more information, please contact AIRROC Executive Director, Carolyn Fahey via email to [email protected]

Optional Continuing Education to Achieve CLP Scholar Status:

Completion of the following each calendar year after the designation is awarded:

1. Attendance at 1 AIRROC event each year and a choice of one of the following:

a. Speaking requirement at AIRROC event
b. Authoring an article for AIRROC Update (formerly AIRROC Matters)
c. Volunteer by supporting an AIRROC initiative or serving on a committee