Another WIN-WIN for AIRROC 

AIRROC, Munich Re, and Butler Rubin presented “It’s A Deal -- A Workshop to Sharpen Your Negotiation Strategy and Technique” at the Manhattan campus of St. John’s University. Here are some photo highlights and comments from our co-sponsors and participants…..

“Butler Rubin was proud to host the AIRROC Negotiation Workshop. Given that AIRROC members engage in some form of negotiation nearly every day, we designed the program to not only provide thoughtful tips and insights but to also give members the opportunity to try out different negotiation styles during realistic mock negotiations, “ said Andrew Shapiro, a Partner at Butler Rubin.

“Munich Re America was pleased to partner with AIRROC and St. John's in this worthwhile collaborative learning event", Leah Spivey, Munich Re

“As an international graduate student at the school of risk management at St. Johns, I wanted to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend this excellent and useful workshop. It was my first time to experience a mock-negotiation dealing with complex claims and it came I at the right time for me because I am still young in the insurance industry. In 2012, I started my insurance career by joining the Saudi Arabian monetary agency (the insurance regulator) due to great needs for insurance professionals in my country. They granted me a scholarship to study at St. John’s. Thank you so much again for your great effort in organizing this high-quality workshop.” Best regards, Nasser Alabdulkareem, St, John’s Student

"I thought the event was extremely well organized – the AIRROC staff did a great job and Michael McMonagle (Munich Re) was an excellent speaker. He was very engaging and covered some really interesting topics. I learned some very useful skills pertaining to negotiations that I will be able to apply not only to my current position but also to everyday life. I was also very impressed by the speakers/facilitators from Butler Rubin. Aside from being very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced they were extremely helpful during the mock negotiations and prep. Thank you for a great experience!” Alicia Archdeacon, AIG

Some key takeaways as offered by our audience….

• Every one of the 5 styles of negotiation has a place. The key is knowing where that place is.
• Remember to ask for explanations of your "partner's" position during negotiations.
• Collaborate where you can and partner with those you are negotiating with.
• There is always a reasonable deal to be reached
• Being mindful of picking up on opportunities to gain additional information from your "partner" which may be helpful to your negotiation.
• Being aware of the types of negotiation styles can help in working towards cooperation.