ICYMI[1], EECMA[2] and AIRROC[3] ACRONYM-FEST: Mega Superfund Symposium

Written by Connie D. O'Mara, Owner, O'Mara Consulting, LLC
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In a joint undertaking on September 7th in Philadelphia, EECMA and AIRROC presented a symposium on Mega-Superfund Sites.  In what seemed like a veritable snow storm of acronyms, participants learned about the challenges that arise under CERCLA[4] in dealing with “Mega Superfund Sites” such as Portland Harbor, the Lower Passaic River, and other contaminated sediments sites where remediation costs are estimated in the billions.  Panelists discussed key developments in the remediation and cost-sharing negotiations of the largest and most complex environmental sites in the country as well as innovative strategies for dealing with the financial and technology challenges that they pose. 


EECMA is an informal association of major and minor, domestic and international, property and casualty insurers and reinsurers. The members of EECMA are focused on continued education about the many issues surrounding environmental, asbestos, and other long-term exposure litigation that continues to challenge our policyholders and us. Every year, EECMA organizes a two-day conference that includes industry-specific “cutting-edge” topics presented by attorneys, consultants, and insurance professionals in the U.S. and throughout the world who are experts in their respective fields.  EECMA’s 2018 Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on April 25-27th.  


CWF[5]  stated that “AIRROC was very pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with EECMA to produce this program.  AIRROC hasn’t done a program that focused on these issues before and they are important to our members.  A big thanks to EECMA and our sponsors for helping to make this happen.”


Gregory Kelder offered, “EECMA appreciated the partnership with AIRROC and the opportunity to develop an agenda and to assemble a group of experts that focused on the multifaceted complexities of large Superfund Sites.”


The event got rave reviews from those that were there:


Excellent comprehensive deep dive by fantastic speakers into what they said may potentially be a multi-billion dollar environmental claim exposure for the insurance industry. EECMA and AIRROC provide the very best bang for the buck in their formidable knowledge sharing!  Michael Diggin, Swiss Re;


Speakers were prepared and interesting. Excellent informative event.  Laura Archie, Argo Group;


Great deep dive into sediments, no pun intended.  The collaboration between EECMA and AIRROC was a winning combination.  Leah Spivey, Munich Re.



[1] In case you missed it

[2] Emerging and Environmental Claims Manager Association

[3] Association . . . oh, you know this one

[4] Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

[5] Carolyn Wadsworth Fahey

[6] End of Message